Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

Finance Administrator

£17,000 - £18,000 Expires in 3 weeks


Finance Administration Assistant

We are representing a key client on the H2 portfolio with the recruitment of an experienced Administrator to support the Profit Protection function of a retail business. Working closely with your manager you will be tasked with using accurate reporting, analytical and investigative techniques, providing timely reporting and information as required.

This is an exciting opportunity within a very niche area of the business where you will be able to add great value. As a team you will be responsible for actively identifying areas of potential loss, develop and maintain appropriate tracking methods and establish new methodology to analyse data and actively reduce loss across the business.

Duties will include:

  • Build and develop analytical review tools to ensure that all areas of the business are being adequately reviewed and monitored – including but not limited to refunds, voids, complimentary tickets, cash losses, stock losses and wastage.
  • Work with department Managers and the Profit Protection Manager on giving feedback on findings and making recommendations for improved procedures in order to reduce risk.
  • Audit and spot check departments to ensure that they are controlling procedures and complying with the Merlin Operations Manual at all times.
  • Report regular results and follow up actions.
  • Maintain a book of procedures in finance for internal reference and inspection by the internal auditors.
  • Review and recommend updates to procedures as required and at least annually to ensure a book of robust revenue, stock and cash handling procedures across all relevant departments, gaining the support of departmental managers with implementation and compliance.
  • Assist the Profit Protection Manager in the delivery and review of accurate stock takes across resort.
  • Review, analyse and recommend improvements to stock management.
  • Advise the relevant Departments of any high wastage figures and identify areas where waste is not being recorded correctly.
  • Track stock losses over time to identify trends and improve stock management.
  • Investigate adverse stock variances and report to senior management
  • Assist with reconciling cash loss, using the back office systems and databases.
  • Regularly review social, sales and other related web sites to identify the unauthorised sale of assets, commercial products, equipment or tickets.
  • Support the Profit Protection Manager in the identification and investigation of online and call centre credit card fraud.


Due to the nature of this role your working hours will need to be flexible with the possibility of working weekends. You will be required to work 37.5 hours across a week however this will not typically follow a 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday routine. Candidates who apply must be comfortable with this.

For additional information contact Kerri-Ann Hargreaves to discuss.

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