Five things I learnt on day one of running my new business

Five things I learnt on day one of running my new business…

When you’re starting a new business, it’s a mixture of excitement and fear. Early starts, late evenings. There is so much to consider. Waking at 5am on what was my first Monday morning was most definitely in excitement. Questioning if I am doing enough, will I let my investor down or employees and customers – all in fear. And so to overcome the inevitable fear, I am focussing on my strengths. Especially in the early days when I am feeling a little less anchored.

I am focussing on the doing. On the map I created in the run up to the business launching on March 1st. That’s what I am good at. Focussing on looking after the people I made a promise to, committing to relationships developed over a number of years, keeping the conversation going and taking each working day at a time. Week two, month two will be the time to regroup, re align and reassess. Infrastructure and thought process, having a plan in place has been key to enabling this mentality.

Can I just say – a Monday morning never looked so good. That feeling of walking into my new office space, of speaking to my customers as Kerri-Ann Hargreaves from H2! An incredible feeling. And let’s not forget that feeling of not wanting to leave the office. Keeping the conversation going. No resentment. Just excitement for day two.


What I learnt…

It’s good to talk

Keep the conversation going. If talking and building relationships is your business then the key to your success is just that. It is good to talk. Share the news. Talk about the business, describe what it does. Pick up the phone, dial that number and talk. It’s good to talk.


Your coffee will go cold

So drink fast. On my first day, yesterday I was taken right back to when my now seven year old was a baby. When my coffee cup was forever cold. There just wasn’t enough hours in the day to take a breather and drink a hot cup of great. It’s a great feeling. I must remember to drink up and fast and refill on the go.


Get help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s to assist you in setting up your phones, laptops, email, website or branding. Bring in the experts. In the long run they save you time and money. A great lesson learnt. Valuable time which could be spent on the business, on the doing, on making money. I could have lost valuable time tinkering on day one.


Invest in technology

Start as you mean to go on. From the outset and during the planning stages of H2 we knew that we needed to invest in technology. In using a CRM, one that supports our business and growth plans. One that was intuitive. As well as researching new technology that ultimately supports our business model. Aids growth and sets us apart from our competitors. One that supports our customers. I’m excited to see how plans develop.


Work with a great team

Firstly, I am very lucky to have the support of a local business man who has invested in me and this new venture. He is my mentor and an example of an individual who some years ago took control of his own career. A business which I intend to learn from. Secondly, to have a team around you that shares the same passion and drive to succeed. Those who strive for the same level of service and ultimately want to work together to become the go to in the market place.


There you have it, my top five things I have learnt on day one of running my own business. Please do share your experiences in the comments.


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