Who would choose to start a new job in a global pandemic?

Me, that’s who! 🙋🏻‍♀️. My name is Jo James and I am the new member of the H2 Team.   From the moment I was approached by Kerri-Ann and Katie I knew that joining H2 was an exciting prospect.  After multiple conversations I began to understand more about H2, my potential colleagues and how I […]

5 Ways To Work Well From Home

With the announcement that lockdown will continue for another three weeks thousands of people find themselves working from home for the foreseeable. Remote and flexible working has become the new norm. We’ve been advocating for this for years as part of our guidance to businesses when attracting the right talent – so it has been […]

Spotting a ‘Walter Mitty’ in Accountancy Recruitment

  By Allan Maund, Head of Compliance and Risk at Dains Accountants   Recruiting the right calibre of employee with the required skill set is key for any business and it’s no different in the world of accountancy.   Although most of the time candidates are recruited and settle into the business seamlessly, there can […]

How to handle multiple job offers

How to handle multiple job offers Who doesn’t want to have multiple job offers? It is a great position to be in. However for anyone in this position it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to manage the process, how to keep one company at arms length whilst talking to another. Alternatively deciding whether to tell […]

A career in Finance doesn’t have to begin with 5 A*’s

A career in Finance doesn’t have to begin with 5 A*’s Let me introduce you to Oliver. A professionally qualified Financial Controller working in Staffordshire. He is our latest Guest Writer on the H2 Blog. In this post Oliver shares his experience of leaving School without GCSE’s grades A-C. And how in doing so hasn’t hindered […]